Exclusive fan clubs made for fans, run by athletes
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Direct utility in each card
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An access card to Noah Rubin Fan Clubs
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Connect with athletes

Exclusive content

Unique experiences

Minted on the #polygon blockchain

Buy, sell & trade player cards

No need for crypto or digital wallets


Our NFTs give you access to exclusive Fan Clubs!
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Access only available to 500 members per season

Fan clubs for our athletes are exclusive because of the limited amount of cards available each year. If no cards are available on the market, there is no way for new users to access the Fan Club.

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Exclusive Content

Athletes will be posting content that is only available to their fan club members. This content will be more personal, such as match insights, behind the scenes clips, pre match playlists…etc.

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Unique Experiences

Experiences with athletes both digital and in real life will only be available to fan club members. These can be items such as Zoom Q&As, tickets to matches, practice sessions, involvement in brand activations…etc.

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Direct Contact.
Community Chat.

Each fan club will have a community chat for members to interact with the athlete. Here, athletes will be able to respond to questions and engage in conversation with you.

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Merch drops.
Sponsor discounts.

Athletes will give members first looks at new projects, outfits for matches, and anything they wish to promote. Athletes will also raffle out different bits of signed memorabilia throughout the season.

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Co-create on the content you want to see from your favorite athletes. You can do this through different polls and questions the athlete posts!


Everything happens on the Scope platform
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Fan club card


Find your favorite athletes and bid on their cards. Build a collection and gain access to their unique fan clubs.

Fan club card


Enter an athlete's exclusive community and begin to enjoy all the perks that come with your Scope Member Card!

Market Place card


Trade cards with other users and see which fan clubs are the hottest on the market! A one-stop-shop for our NFT Player Cards.


Genuine content for genuine fans
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Scope Athlete since 2022
Founder of Behind the Racquet

"This is what I've been waiting for and to be a part of it is amazing. I'm excited to be here!"

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Platform goes live, you can buy your first Scope player card!

FALL '23

Marketplace integrated into platform


Other individual sports added to the platform


Things we often get asked

Do I need to own crypto or a crypto wallet to participate in Scope?

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No. Scope is designed to be 100% user friendly, even if you are not crypto-savvy! You just need to create an account by confirming your email, like you would on any other platform, and start trading. We will act as the custodians of your NFT player cards and will display them in your roster page for you to easily interact with. You can transact in USD or any other major FIAT currency.

What is the Pro Shop?

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The Pro Shop is where athletes sell their cards directly to you. It is where the primary sale of all cards on Scope happens. Most athletes keep 85% of the revenue generated from their cards in the Pro Shop, so when you purchase a card here, you are directly supporting that athlete’s career. 

How does the marketplace work?

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When will I get my earnings?

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How many cards will be sold on Scope?

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How do payouts work?

What does the onboarding process look like?

How much money will I make?

What happens if I can’t be active all the time on Scope?

What sort of content or experiences should I be posting on Scope?


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