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What is Scope?

Scope is a fan engagement platform that uses blockchain to bring fans and athletes closer together. Scope sells officially licensed player NFTs for individual athletes that give access to exclusive fan clubs. In these clubs, athletes can share exclusive content and unique experiences.

How does it work?

Scope offers two marketplaces, a Pro Shop, where athletes sell directly to users and keep 75% of the revenue generated, and a marketplace, for users to transact amongst each other. When creating an account on Scope, the platform will automatically generate a fully integrated wallet where users will store their NFTs. Users can then trade different kinds of cards to gain access to different fan clubs, where athletes will be posting different kinds of content and experiences.

Why should I join Scope?

  • Athletes: Scope provides a new and more efficient way to monetize your fan engagement. Card prices are directly correlated to the quality of the fan club which is essentially up to you (better quality content and experiences will drive prices up). You get to keep a percentage of all transactions, directly correlating your engagement with your fans to your revenue.
  • Users: Selling exclusive content is certainly nothing new; however, the way Scope does it is. By selling NFTs that grant access to fan clubs rather than a classic subscription, Scope allows you to capitalize on good trades and eliminates the “sunk” cost of a subscription.

Create an account

Creating an Account

To create an account on Scope you will need to enter your name and email address. We will ask you to confirm your email address through a link in your email. You DO NOT need a digital wallet such as Metamask, crypto, or anything related to blockchain. If you want to connect your own wallet, you are more than welcome to do so through your profile once you create an account.

Pro Shop and Marketplace


The Pro Shop sells NFTs with a fixed price where cards are only available for a certain amount of time. The marketplace operates in a classic English auction style. It is up to the user selling to determine the base price and the time that the auction is live, then the market determines the price of cards. You are free to bid, buy and resell as many cards as you want for whatever prices you want, the marketplace is the place for you to try to find the coolest experiences and the highest quality content you can find at the best price.

What is the difference between Pro Shop and Marketplace?

The Pro Shop is the primary sale of all cards, whereas the Marketplace is all secondary sales. From the Pro Shop, athletes keep 75% of the revenue meaning when you purchase cards on the Pro Shop you are directly supporting your favorite athletes. On the marketplace, users transact with each other, keeping the majority of the profits for themselves. Athletes do get to keep a 5% perpetual royalty on all transactions of their cards.

NFT Supply

Scope limits NFT sales to 500 per athlete per year. This means in a given year a fan club can only grow by 500 people. However, there is certainly no limit on how many times these 500 cards get transacted with, so the 500 members of a certain Fan Club might be changing regularly as cards get traded. It is up to athletes when they want to sell their cards on the Pro Shop, but it will probably be in batches of 100 cards 5 times a year.

Fan Clubs

What is a Fan Club?

A fan club on Scope is an exclusive community that grows by 500 members a year (500 NFTs) for a given athlete. In this community, an athlete can post different kinds of exclusive content found nowhere else (photos, videos, voice notes, polls, etc). Athletes can also post (or raffle) different kinds of experiences. These might be merch giveaways, Zoom Q&As, meet and greets, tickets to matches, etc. In the fan club, there is also a chat function for members to communicate amongst each other and directly with the athlete.


There are many different types of experiences on Scope, some online and some IRL. Some are for the whole fan club to participate in (for example: a giveaway of signed caps), and some are raffled to certain cardholders (two tickets to a match). Experiences are intended to be rewards to fan club members, but can also be traded on the marketplace for monetary gains.


Athletes can post any kind of content they want on a Scope fan club (adhering to the terms and conditions and the community guidelines). These can include, but are not limited to, photos, videos, audio messages, live streams, polls, etc. The idea is to create an intimate relationship between an athlete and his/her 500 cardholders, rewarding both for being actively engaged in the community.

Account Management

Updating Email, Username, or Password

All account management on Scope happens in the profile tab. Here, users can easily change their username or password. Users can also update their email address; however, they will have to reconfirm their email with a new link that will be sent out to them. On the profile tab, users can also change their profile picture, their preferred currency and the region they are in.

Deleting an Account

As a user, you can always delete your Scope account. If you own any NFTs, we recommend selling these on the marketplace or transferring them to an external wallet so that you do not lose them. If you delete the account while owning NFTs, Scope will recollect those NFTs and can not guarantee you will get them back.

Why Scope?

Why Scope?

Scope is the first platform that allows you as an athlete to monetize your fan engagement in an organic way. Users will buy your cards to gain access to your fan clubs, where they will be able to view your exclusive content and experiences. Since these are NFTs, users can then trade these cards, creating a market with ever changing card prices. You get to keep 75% of the revenue generated in the first sale and 5% of all future sales of your cards. Scope gives you freedom in terms of what to post, how to design your cards and your fan clubs, and most importantly, we do not ask for exclusive rights to your image and likeness like so many other platforms do.



Within your fan club, you can include any kind of content you want (adhering to the Scope community guidelines). This includes photos, videos, voice notes and polls. You are also part of the fan club chat, where you can directly answer messages and communicate with your fans. If you want to include another form of content that is not supported, you can simply let us know and we will do our best to accommodate it. Ideally, the content you post on Scope is slightly more personal than on other social media platforms. This will attract your biggest fans and help you raise card prices.

Ideas for Content

Here are some ideas for the kind of content you can include:
  • Early announcements
  • Training videos or tutorials
  • Personalized fan messages
  • Video diaries
  • Behind the scenes content
  • Shared pre-match music playlist
  • Insight into other projects or hobbies off the court
  • Quick voice notes with updates


In your fan club, you can also include different kinds of experiences. When you create an experience through your athlete portal, you will be able to add a description of the experience, a date, and select how many card holders can participate (some experiences can accommodate the whole fan club while others might be only for a few members). Then, the platform will automatically reward your fans with an experience NFT for that particular experience, which will be their ticket to participate. Users can then trade those experiences on the Scope marketplace before the deadline, from which you take a commission, so you will be generating revenue from those experiences. At the moment of the experience, our team will help you with all kinds of logistics in order to make the event as smooth as possible.

Ideas for Experiences

  • Signed merchandise giveaway
  • 5-10 minute phone call
  • Online Q&A with cardholders
  • Practice session
  • Tickets to matches
  • Meet and greet



Typically, payouts are completed at the end of every quarter. Scope can accommodate any kind of major currency for payouts as well as all major forms of payout. During your onboarding call we will collect all the details from you to make your experience with Scope as convenient as possible. You will be able to view your earnings in real-time through your athlete dashboard.

Joining Scope

Joining Scope

The onboarding process is quite simple. First, send us an email at mentioning that you are interested in participating. We will then send a proposal that contains all the information you need to know as well as a formal contract for you to review. If you are interested, you can sign right then and there and you will officially become a part of Scope. We will then have a quick onboarding call to collect some important information such as how you want your payouts to work and answer any questions you may have. Throughout the whole process, you will be working with our team to guarantee the process is as simple as possible.


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